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Communications FAQ

Communications FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding PowerBook G3 Series communications, with answers to those questions. Note that they pertain to the PowerBook G3 Series models that were released in September, 1998.

Question 1: Is the PowerBook G3 Series computer's Ethernet on the main logic board or on a card, as in the PowerBook 3400?

Answer: Yes, 10BASE-T Ethernet capabilities come from a chip on the main logic board. The K56flex/v.90 modem is on a separate card.

Question 2: Who makes the modem for the PowerBook G3 Series computer?

Answer: We do not reveal the names of our commodities vendors.

Question 3: Can the modem for the PowerBook G3 Series computer be upgraded to the new v.90 standard?

Answer: The modem comes with v.90 capability already installed.

Question 4: How fast is the modem on the PowerBook G3 Series computer?

Answer: The modem is a K56flex modem and will connect to equivalent devices at rates up to 56 Kbps. (Data speeds up to 56 Kbps, fax speeds up to 14.4 Kbps. Acutal download speeds vary with line conditions and your Internet service provider's modem capabilities. FCC regulations limit ISP transmission speeds to 53Kbps in the U.S.)

Question 5: Does any fax software come with the PowerBook G3 Series computer?

Answer: We bundle FAXstf software with all of our systems. This software allows you to use your PowerBook to send and receive faxes.

Question 6: Does the PowerBook G3 Series computer's modem have protection against PBX systems?

Answer: Yes, it does have protection. However, we advise customers to ask about the connection before plugging the modem into an unfamiliar socket.

Question 7: Can you use a cellular phone with the PowerBook G3 Series computer's modem?

Answer: No, the modem is not capable of attaching to cellular phones. However, if customers need a modem with cellular attachment capability, they can purchase a PC Card modem to use in the CardBus/PC Card slots on the PowerBook G3 Series.

Question 8: Does the PowerBook G3 Series computer's modem work internationally?

Answer: Due to certification requirements in different countries, there are unique internal modems for various countries. Each modem is only certified for use in that specific country. See your manual under Communications Regulation Information, or the certifications listed on the computer to see if your PowerBook is certified for use in the country you are travelling to. If you need a modem that has been certified for every country, you can purchase a PC Card modem to use in the CardBus/PC Card slot on the PowerBook G3 and PowerBook G3 Series computers.

Question 9: Does the PowerBook G3 Series computer have infrared capability?

Answer: Yes, it has 4-Mbps IrDA capabilities.

Note: Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series computers should not be confused with Macintosh PowerBook G3 computers. Though the names are similar, there are significant differences. For more information differentiating between the computers, read article 24604:PowerBook G3, G3 Series: Identifying Different Versions

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