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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

K. Pogue:Here are some comments about us from just a few of our satisfied customers:

C. Sack:
A great shop. I never expected I would find the part I needed so easily and for such a fair price. You have saved me the $80+ I would have to pay to go though an Apple Authorized repair center to get my out of warranty Mac fixed, which I thought would be the only way of remedying my issue.

R. Sensei:

Very prompt and accurate e-mail replies to my questions.

G. Ray:
Everything arrived as promised, however not happy with Courier shipping (not welovemacs fault.) UPS left package at in my car the end of my driveway yet at the same time managed to walk up the downstairs neighbors driveway to deliver a package to their door.

J. Owen:
Made it very easy to find the correct parts when mac doesnt even have tin info on their page (as they are not user serviceable parts).
Thank you

V. Gutierrez:
Thank you, i received my order complete and safe.
Ive never trusted any other site for online ordering. Im really happy everything was in place.
Thanks we love macs

K. Stein:

I ordered 10 sets of earbud covers and even with the shipping charge it was still cheaper to buy them through We Love Macs than going down to the Apple store and buying them there. WAY cheaper.

C. O'Brian:
Fast and reliable service, shipping me my proper order within only a few days.
Thank you!

L. McClellan:
The price was reasonable and the product appears to be working well. I was however aggravated that the shipping options listed on the site were not all available when I had to choose on the checkout page. The item was received in a timely manner and in excellent condition. Overall it was a good transaction and would consider purchasing from the site again.

W. Green:
At first i was a little bummed on account that my order was shipped a day later than i expected BUT my order showed up 2 days sooner than i expected!!!
Way cool you guys rock!!!
Thanks much and have a grateful day.

V. Mielke:
I would do buisness with this company again. I feel they did a great job on everything. Nice product, good packaging, fast service.

G. Shellen:
The site has lots of great products. Prices are generally pretty competitive. I work near the warehouse, so I was able to pick up my product and save on shipping, which is always nice.

G. Warren:
Everything arrived as promised, however not happy with UPS shipping (not welovemacs fault.) UPS left package at in my car the end of my driveway yet at the same time managed to walk up the downstairs neighbors driveway to deliver a package to their door.

M. Kruger:
I am totally pleased with We Love Macs and highly recommend doing business with them.

J. J. :
You also have many great shipping options. The only thing that disappoints me is that insurance was unavailable for the least expensive option, Priority Mail.

J. Flodin:
Found you had the item I was looking for, ordered it. easy to pay for it, arrived promptly and it fixed my problem! What more could one want?

K. Pogue:
I was just shocked to still be able to get a mouse for such an antiquated computer... really makes me feel like even old macs dont go out of style.
Mac is not getting older... hes getting better.
Thanks to We Love Macs

D. Smith:
Excellent service, very easy to find what I needed. A+!

F. Chang:
Excellent customer service. I ordered a part on one day and my manager ordered the same part another day without telling me so I had two of same parts so I contacted your about returning the unused part. Your customer service person contacted me the same day and I got a RMA number to return the part.

Xenophon Corp.:
Have a happy and prosperous 2008 to you and yours. I just wanted to let you and the rest of the folks & WeLoveMacs that helped me in obtaining the proper adapters that my scanner is working properly via USB. I don't want you to think that I was not grateful with all that was done to finally have everything fall into place. Best, Xenophon

T. Fell:
Body: Accurate description of merchandise with prompt shipping at a good price.

W. Hansen:
Arrived in timely manner. Well packaged. Item as advertised. Complete satisfaction. Up and running in less than 30 minutes!
Thank you.

M. Rodgers:
Glad to do business anytime.

J. F. Teixido:
The are not the cheapest but they are lightning fast and the item arrived in excellent condition in a double padded envelope. I have bought stuff from cheaper places but those usually wrap your goods and send it bouncing all the way to you doorstep and they you have to send it back because it is DOA. This is NOT the case. Buy with confidence!.

T. Lillard:
I purchased a large flatscreen monitor from a local store, only to find out, after being assured by 3 different salespeople that it was compatible with my system, that it was not. I was left with the option of returning the monitor or purchasing a new video card. I found the exact card I needed from We Love Macs! I ordered it that day (Sunday) online at a reasonable price, and was informed it would be delivered on Thursday. It was shipped Monday and I received it at noon on Wednesday! I installed the card immediately and it works flawlessly with my new monitor. Great product and great service. Very quick shipping and delivery!

J. Lamour:
I made a mistake on my order and they changed it quickly and efficiently. I still got my order on time. Great stuff!

D. Heckle:
I want to report that I did receive the correct part yesterday and it works flawlessly on my Mac. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

D. Diaz:
The best place to buy MAC´s items on the web. I live in Mexico and the service the best I´ve ever seen. ¡Felicidades WLM!

G. S. Gouvêa:
Body:Very Good services. We Love Macs fãs in Brazil!

C. Gray:
Excellent, Ease of Purchase Excellent and Excellent Customer Service.

C. Davidson:
I was really surprised to receive my G4 Powerbook so quickly. It  seemed like I placed my order and there it was in two days keep up  the excellent work.

T. C. Frank:
I got my item quickly, and got reasonable feedback on when it was  shipping. Overall, decent experience.

A. Bacio:
I appreciate the will call option since I work nearby. As usual, the  staff was courteous and there were no problems with my order.

N. Broadwater:
Great online store.

T. Smelker:
Faith, Thank you for the correct information (BTW) I got the new keyboard yesterday, and got it installed with no problems. It's like having a brand new PowerBook!
Thanks so much!

H. Lubansky:
They honored the prior inet purchase, even though they ran out of the product inventory and had to reorder at a higher rate than they were selling the product. Amazing for a vendor.

K. Forsythe:
Body:Shipping/tracking info was much appreciated.

T. Figueroa:
I purchased one computer keyboard. It was very cheap and arrived quickly and well. I have not had the need to contact them after the order, as they notify me via email when the keyboard was shipped. The service was fine and I am satisfied.

F. Simpson:
From their very helpful web pages through the order and shipping, this company is excellent. The product was exactly what I needed (based on difficult choices for an older model PowerBook) it was shipped quickly, and I received updates about when ups would deliver it. I will happily order from them again!

T. VanTassel:
Came as promised on time. No problems.

P. DiCarlo:
Product arrived on time.

S. Toback:
Good website - minimal fuss - product came as advertised in a reasonable amount of time. Yay them! :-)

M. Potter:
Great, prompt service!

B. McPhail:
Easy to find what I was looking for. Delivered on time. Thanks!

T. Gaige:
Love the color; good quality as well!

Excellent seller, great prices, great customer service. Had to exchange an order and they were great to deal with. Would definitely buy from again!

Easy, quick, cheap!

I ordered to two parts and one of was backordered. They were honest to admit that part will take one week or more get the part in. Thank you We Love Macs for being honest and telling me the part take that long to come in so I don't wait for no reason.

Great service. Thank you for responding so quickly about the part being back ordered. I need that to I can make an informed decision of what to do.

Great customer service!

Quick delivery. Good shipping. And a great product. I'm very satisfied. Price was a bit high. But for the protection of my computer, it may have been worth it (I bought a keyboard protector for my 15" MacBook Pro - my baby!). I would buy from them again.

I ordered two parts and one of the part was on back order. I contacted them and they were honest to admit that part will take more than a week to come in. Some companies will tell you something else in order to keep your business but in the end get angry with company. Thank you We Love Macs for giving me the honest information so I can make a proper decision for my case. Item arrive in excellent condition and before delivery estimate.

Although the purchase of reconditioned equipment was cosmetically a little less than I had hoped for, the unit seems to be in excellent mechanical condition and the customer service, ease of purchase and delivery was excellent.

We love Macs was great to work with, professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend to friends and use their service in the future.

Excellent, a bit confusing for international shopping but overall very good.

A. Wilson:
I do not know much of tecnical stuff. Help was so good .I had answer for all my E-mails prmptly. I will use service again and recomend company for my friends.

S. Martin:
Item arrive in excellent condition and before delivery estimate.

Michael D.:
I was very impressed with the speed and the quality of the service. This is a first class online store with some really impressive products. My keyboard arrived as described and in perfect condition and I was kept informed on the state of the order process the entire time. Very very good service.

P. Allen:
Product was well packed, arrived promptly, and performed OK.

S. Owens:
Hard-to-locate hardware and peripherals are a snap with We Love Macs!; items are categorized by machine type---from the oldest to the newest. The price is right, and the items arrive quickly, with instructions. Ive bookmarked the various pages for my collection of Macs; whenever I need something for a 1998 Powerbook, a 1999 iBook Tangerine, a 2000 Mac G4 450, or a 2007 MacBook Pro, I know where to go: We Love Macs! and so do I.

C. Knight:
I really really wanted an overnight shipping option. But I wont beat you guys up over that.

I was truly impressed by how easy it was to order my ibook from As far as customer service, you guys take the cake. As soon as my order was placed, I got a phone call informing me that my billing and shipping address werent the same. This shows they pay attention to orders that come in instead of just processing them and shipping them anywhere. They verified that it truly WAS me ordering it, and it was sent out. I am expecting the arrival of my package today, as they said it would arrive today. I am thoroughly impressed with how easy their site was to use, understand, and place orders on.

Even without the overnight shipping I still give you guys a perfect score! I will definitely be pitching more business their way. All you other used mac dealers out there- take a few chapters from the playbook of WeLoveMacs. They are definitely on top of their game.

T. Andersson:
When eBay fails me I can always count on WLM to provide scarce Mac spares.

Harry Drottz:
This is my first purchase from We Love Macs. The website was easy to use and shipping was reasonably priced. I ordered a SCSI Cable, 50-Pin Centronics M/M. The website listed it as a 2 foot cable, it was actually a 1.5 foot cable, but it still worked for my application so I kept it. I will definitely return to this site in the future.

J. Paine:
Although pricier than other vendors/alternative providers, I have made two purchases through them and have been pleasantly surprised by how accurately they state shipping times. Both times the product was as represented, was received in good shape, and met my expectations. I will be buying more from them.

Great customer service.

We love Macs was great to work with, professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend to friends and use their service in the future.

Although the purchase of reconditioned equipment was cosmetically a little less than I had hoped for, the unit seems to be in excellent mechanical condition and the customer service, ease of purchase and delivery was excellent.

Online customer service was great for deciding what to purchase. Order arrived before stated date.

J. Tidwell:
This isnt the first time that I have used We Love Macs! for computer parts and they have always had good quality products and reasonable prices. I will definitely shop here again.

K. Skagen:
I would like to tell you how impressed I am with We love Macs. Your service representative, Monica, is one of the best customer service representatives I have talked to in a long, long time. I felt that she answered my questions fairly and extended more than the usual effort to guide me in my purchase yesterday. Even after an associate told her that the part I wanted would not work for my computer, she did more research when I questioned that information. As it turned out, it was the correct part and I am very happily awaiting its arrival! All in all, doing business with your company was a very pleasant experience because of Monica. I will highly recommend your company to my friends.

Thank you once again for all of your help with this order. The way you've handled this situation has been outstanding. When I first contacted you I was a "less than happy" customer; however, as a direct result of your actions and your attitude when dealing with me, I've become a delighted customer.

M. Hillyer:
Fast and easy, customer service was great - I had one question and they responded via email within 30 minutes. Parts were correct and in perfect condition.

J. Rivera:
I just wanted to let you all know that you were all so very helpful, the sales woman I dealt with (Eileen) was so professional yet friendly. I will be coming back to for all of my future Mac related needs. Thank you sincerely, J. Rivera Dallas Texas (Iphone Glass and Digitizer Request)

G. Massaro:
Hi, Just to say the power supply just arrived. 10/10 for the packaging quality :o) You've got one more happy customer!

K. Myers:
Received my order for G4 Power Supply in good shape in less than 26 Hrs. from placing it! Got it installed already and am using my resurrected Mac to send this e-mail. You saved my bacon!
Just wanted you to know I am very pleased with your service. I had not heard of your business before, but you can be sure I will probably use it sometime again.

Dear welovemacs, I am please to acknowledge the safe and sound delivery of your item, thanks to the great packing. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you, and I look forward for renewing this pleasant experience. All the best to you. Best regards.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that your employee Rebecca did a great job yesterday in detecting a fraudulent charge on my credit card. Someone apparently got my cc information and placed an order with your company. Rebecca noticed that the billing/shipping addresses were different and she called me to verify that the order was legitimate. I had not placed such an order and the order was stopped.

Customer service, thanks very much for that excellent service and I will buy again with you guys. Have a good new year and best regards.

T. Teffeteller:
I just want you to know how much I appreciate your honesty and professionalism. I hear all types of excuses and BS from suppliers with bad news and generally do not deal with them past the first order. I understand bad things happen with good suppliers, but the difference between good and great is someone that is honest … just like you.

D. Feeney:
I just wanted to let you people know that the video card purchased has helped a local musician keep his aging G5 MacPro going. Thank again for providing access to hardware to that keeps these machines running.

V. Byrd:
Sometimes in the course of doing business we don't have time to properly thank the people who we interact with so this is to thank you for your time and wonderful attitude even when our inquiries do not result in a purchase this is a great virtue both in business and in personal life So thank you for your time Faith.

P. Adylenn:
Hi folks from We Love Mac, Thanks a lot for the professional shipping and handling. Very difficult to find these parts in such a great condition. Highly appreciated.

Dear welovemacs, got the package.for that you get excellent feedback. I'll let you know how it works. you guys don't BS about your service

Hi, I recently bought a part from you guys and the experience was incredible. Two days after clicking "buy" the part arrived. I've put it in my computer and now I'm typing this email to you. I even got a high five from my girlfriend in congratulations for having fixed the thing. Your parts rock. Your service rocks. You rock. And I thought I should let you know it. If you ever need someone to post a great experience or just kind words. You've got one. Thanks so much.

First time I used We Love Macs. Easy to order. They have some very hard to find parts that are in stock. Order was received within a week with no problems at all. After reading a couple of negative reviews about We Love Macs, I was somewhat oncerned about ordering through them. However, I found the experience very positive and would for sure place another order. Glad I found them. The We Love Macs website is now in my favorites.

J. Butzen:
I've been using Appleworks for many years and just love the ease in which I can do my invoices and all my book work. I was so happy to find a vendor which actually still carried this program so I could put this on my G5 after my G3 died on me and continue with my bookwork.

L. Leon:
Welovemac is the best place to get parts for your mac or apple product hands down. I had ordered the wrong part and had to return it. They helped me on what options i had and they got me the part i needed right away. Their customer service was superior. I got a timely and professional response when I had a question about my return. I will always shop here for parts for my mac products. And the best part is that they are OEM parts not third party parts.

J. Dalfino:
Ordered part for a Mac Mighty Mouse. Product received in a less than a week. Price was fair. Would order from them again without reservation.

G. Simonis:
Great product, great service. I just wish the product would be cheaper.

T. Whitehead:
I ordered 4 hard drive mounting screws for a Power Mac G5, and while they were priced fairly high, I can understand for such a specific part. Otherwise, very good service from this dealer and prompt, accurate service.

No problems at all dealing with this merchant.

Awesome service and products

I was ordering replacement parts for an original MacBook. Description of one item was a bit confusing resulting in purchase of wrong piece -- description seemed to indicate the part would fit more than one model of MacBook and was an upgrade from the original part. Customer service (Gilbert) was very good in rectifying problem. Good prices and lots of inventory. Ordering is a two-way street and they seem available for help when you're uncertain.

We love Macs did a great job for us. Really appreciated their customer service.

Prior to ordering, they were informative and helpful. Delivery was as first indicated and fast. The product was actually better than described. Post customer support (had a question) was fast and accurate. I'd use them again and recommend them to others.

Found exactly what I needed. I had my doubts on finding an old part when I started searching, but I found it, and I will probably be back for more. The Item I bought worked like a charm, better than the original. Thank You.

Michael Nolan:
We love Macs did a great job for us. Really appreciated their customer service.

Lawrence K Wersen:
I love this eStore! I had call customer service about the mounting screws not working; the folks at We Love Macs! were incredibly helpful and had the correct part to me in three days. Very good experience! I love - We Love Macs!

Excellent source for iPod and Mac replacement parts.

Quick Shipping.

The store follow-up has a bit too much automation to it. My first credit card was declined and the way the emails stated it, it was unclear why. I also couldn't tell if the order actually went through or not.

My second attempt was smooth sailing though. That, and the fact that I fixed my 7 year old monitor instead of shelling out a few hundred dollars is enough to use these guys again and again when I need parts.

Jerry Petersen:
I just received the replacement screen for my 27" iMac today. I had asked for special labeling since it would be shipped to me here in Honduras. You did exactly as I'd asked and the part arrived here in perfect condition. Thank you for great service.

Dear welovemacs,

Hi welovemacs, just wanted to inform you I've received the glass screen, thank you very much for making my first purchase on eBay a positive one, the item was well wrapped and padded, fits perfect and the iMac never looked better..

I've left a positive feedback for you on the item, but don't know what needs to be done now, do I need to sign anything or is that all done now?

Regards for all your help and business..

Victor G:
Hello Sir,

I would like to email you and tell you that I had a problem with my order and was contacted by your customer service representative Rebecca Cabera....let me just say, She was really very great and helped me out beyond my expectations. Customer support is vital to any company's reputation and therefore success. Rebecca clearly understands this and because of her alone I will vow to use your company's service in the very near future.

Nathan Gates:
Thank You! Fantastic!

Trying to find a specific case for my 2004 iPod (Contour Showcase 4G) was beginning to seem insurmountable, but then it's "We Love Macs!" to the rescue!

Great service, quick shipping, I will be a repeat customer.

Chuck Schrunk:
Body: Absolutely no trouble at all.

Mike Williams:
Body: Price was great. Would like more shipping options such as USPS, etc. All things considered, the transaction was great!

Dave Yang:
Body: Great service & fast delivery!!

David Miyasaki:
Body: An excellent source of repair parts for Apple products!

Body:The item I ordered was difficult to find so I was happy that they had it and that they shipped it quickly. Price was average and shipping was average when compared to sites that offer free shipping. Overall it was a good experience and I would order from them again.

Louis Kranyak:
Body:Arrived Promptly. Exactly What I Needed!

Joel Bengoa:
Body:The Best way to shop for Mac Products... Fast and Excellent Customer Service

Dave Lightbound:
Body:They had what I needed when no one else did and they were most helpful both on the info & teck side and delivery. Would refer them as a good source for Mac!!

Kermit Tate:
Body:Overall, I had a solidly positive experience placing my first order with Lovemacs. No hassles, timely delivery, product as advertised... all good.

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