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iKlear cleaning instructions

iKlear cleaning instructions

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Directions for Cleaning Apple Products with iKlear Apple Polish

iMacs ● MacBooks ● iBooks ● MacBookPro PowerBooks ● Studio Displays ● Cinema Displays HDTVs ● Plasma TVs ● iSights Digital Cameras ● Digital Camcorders New Glossy or “Brite” Screens

Step 1: Turn off electronic device and let the screen cool. Apply cleaner using 1 light mist per square foot. Then using a small section of the micro chamois spread fluid evenly over the entire screen surface. (Or, if using a Step 1 iKlear single spread fluid evenly over entire screen.) Avoid overspray onto unsealed portions of computer or keyboard.

Step 2: Using the iKlear Micro-Chamois or the Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth, polish in vertical strokes beginning with a small section on the left side of the display. Polish the same section until solution com- pletely disappears. Continue to clean in small sec- tions until entire display is clear. Support Screen while cleaning.

iPod users: *Avoid Trackpad and Click-wheel when cleaning.

*When cleaning Displays 26 inches or larger, we highly rec- ommend using our spray bottle and full-size Micro-Chamois or Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth combination.

*iKlear Travel Singles are recommended for cleaning Notebook size or smaller screens.

*Note to Users of earlier generation Apple 17 & 21 inch CRT Studio Displays: Before using iKlear please contact Klear Screen Tech Support if you have NEVER cleaned your screen with iKlear or Klear Screen.

Use iKlear with your other electronic devices: PDA’s, Smart/Camera Phones, Scanners, Copiers, Automobile GPS Navigation Screens, Automobile LCD Video Displays, HDTV’s, Jumbo LCD’s, Flat Panel Displays, and Portable DVD Players.

Product & Device Specific Instructions:

MacBooks, MacBook Pro, iBooks, & PowerBooks See special cleaning instructions for cleaning the new glossy TFT Screens on page 2. Let the screen surface cool before cleaning. Support the screen while tilting to a horizontal position.

iPod, iPod nano, and iPod mini

1. Moisten a corner of an iKlear Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth with iKlear fluid and apply to screen and case. 

2. Immediately after, polish off solution completely with dry portion of the Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth. *Avoid click-wheel when cleaning with solution. To clean click wheel, wipe with dry Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth.

Apple Cinema Displays

We recommend using a pump spray bottle of iKlear to clean your Apple Cinema Display. Using the Micro-Chamois or Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth, follow the cleaning directions listed above. Use the moist portion of the Micro Cloth to clean the entire frame and base after cleaning the screen. Then use the dry portion of the Micro Cloth to polish off the excess cleaning fluid. Avoid overspray onto smooth surface flooring. The Micro-Fiber cloth is preferable for polishing iKlear off jumbo screens.

Mac Pro & Mac G5

For best results, use an iKlear Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth. Spray small corner of cloth to moisten. Then directly apply fluid using the moistened cloth to clean the aluminum case of the Mac Pro and Mac G5. Polish off with dry portion of Micro-Chamois Cloth.

High Definition TV’s, LCD and Plasma Flat Panel Displays, and LCD Projectors Follow the cleaning directions listed above for the “Apple Cinema Displays” instructions.

CD’s and DVD’s

Lightly mist both sides of disk. Polish off solution in straight lines (not in a circular motion). Note: By cleaning the non-
playing surface, the static charge is removed from both sides
of the disk.

iSight , Digital Cameras, and Digital Camcorders For best results, use an iKlear Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth. Spray small corner of cloth to moisten. Then directly apply fluid using the moistened cloth to digital camera lenses and viewers. Polish off with dry portion of Micro-Chamois Cloth. *For stability hold the iSight as you clean.


Moisten a soft cloth with Klear Screen fluid and gently pol- ish each key using circular motions. For best results, clean
one key at a time using our Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth.

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