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General FAQ

General FAQ

Question 1: What is the cache ratio of a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: The backside cache runs at a 2:1 ratio with the processor. In other words, for the 233-MHz processor, the cache speed is 117-MHz, and on the 300-MHz processor, it is 150-MHz. Caching improves system performance by providing additional storage space for data and instructions en route to the processor.

Question 2: How much L1 cache is on the processor of a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: There is 64K of L1 cache, which is twice the amount on Pentium and Pentium II processors.

Question 3: Are the expansion bays of a PowerBook G3 series computer hot-swappable? 

Answer: Yes, all storage devices for the expansion bays are hot-swappable. There is no need to turn the computer off or put it into sleep mode to exchange storage devices such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Zip, or floppy disk drives. However, you must unmount any media, such as floppy, CD, or Zip disks, from the storage device before commencing a hot swap.

Question 5: Do the expansion bay modules from previous PowerBook computers, such as the 5300, 1400, or 3400 series or the original PowerBook G3, work with the new PowerBook G3 Series expansion bays? 

Answer: No, the modules from the PowerBook lines listed above do not fit into the expansion bays of the new PowerBook G3 Series.

Question 7: Do older PC cards (PCMCIA) work with a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: Yes, you can use PC Cards in the CardBus slots of the PowerBook G3. 

Question 8: Do Zoomed Video cards work in both slots of a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: Zoomed Video cards work only in the lower PC Card/CardBus slot on the PowerBook G3.

Question 9: What steps have been taken to ensure quality with a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: Apple performs quality checks throughout the entire design process. We also use a customer quality feedback (CQF) ( program in which real customers use pre-production units and report back to Apple on their experiences with hardware and/or software bugs as well as product design-related issues. This program allows us to make changes to further enhance the product's functionality before it enters production. We also have a quality review board that reviews all products before shipment.

Question 10: What is the performance like with Virtual PC on a PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: In initial testing, we have found that the PowerBook G3 Series with Virtual PC performs at the level of a notebook based on a low-speed Pentium processor. To date, users have told us that they have been very pleased with the performance.

Question 11: What cables come with the PowerBook G3 series computer? 

Answer: The following cables ship with the PowerBook G3 Series:

Ethernet: 10BASE-T
Modem: telephone 
VGA-to-Macintosh video connector
S-video to composite (on 14.1-inch systems)
Note: This article contains information about third party products. This article is provided for informational purposes only and Apple makes no guarantees about the information contained in this article. Furthermore, Apple technical support does not supply support for the use of 3rd party products) 
Note: Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series computers should not be confused with Macintosh PowerBook G3 computers. Though the names are similar, there are significant differences. For more information differentiating between the computers, read article 24604:PowerBook G3, G3 Series:Identifying Different Versions

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